BizNext CRM module supports a complete outlook of your company’s sales force, customers, suppliers, e-commerce and all other sales related activities. It not only gives you the flexibility to handle the complete process starting from lead generation to purchase order, but also, tracks all communications during the sales cycle. The CRM module from BizNext works on a sole principle of keeping the customer at the center of it.

BizNext CRM offers an administrator a regulatory system to track, analyse, integrate and record all sales and marketing data. As you have clear visibility of real-time data and analytics, it enables you to stay ahead of the curve in taking decisions, forecast business needs and roadmap precisely, manage customer relationships, contracts and sales.

CRM Features

Effective Campaign Management

BizNext CRM facilitates effective Campaign Management which gives you the power to track and calculate estimate of efforts in various events before lead conversion.

  • Accurately analyse all the costs incurred during an event to generate leads
  • Keep track of leads generated throughout the campaign