Financial Accounting

An efficient financial management and planning is pillar for sustenance of any organization. For an accelerated growth, there is need to standardize the accounting parameters and measure them systematically. With BizNext FA, a user is able to achieve a comprehensively automated and well-synchronized financial growth. With more transparency and access to right information, the decision making is easy and it helps you enhance financial cohesion and regulate liquidity efficiently.

BizNext FA assists in remodeling financial accounting projects and use streamlined techniques to promote high-end financial supply chain solution.

BizNext FA promises the flexibility of both cloud-based and on-premises solution. With this module, you can manage your accounting, receivables, payables and fixed assets. Moreover, the module can adapt to local tax regulations of particular geography. It offers support for organizations dealing in multiple currencies and also supports compliance & multi-statutory regulations. With this module, you are able to configure management reports as well as financial reports. With financial reports, your prime focus is on the management of cash flow, balance sheet and P&L statements. On the other hand, the management reports incorporate growth pattern of your business against the actual overheads and revenue generated. In other words, BizNext Financial Accounting module is based on Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model for streamlining the financial processes. This module also lets you assess end-to-end financial health of your company by providing a comprehensive inquiry division. You also get to monitor past data/trends in the business and as you progress this gives you better predictive datasets for financial planning.

Financial Accounting Features

Accounting Solution with High End Flexibility

Financial Accounting offers comprehensive audit reports based on real-time evaluation. You can handle multiple companies, units and divisions to meet your financial management goals. You can configure or amend financial preferences at hierarchical levels as well.

  • Configuration your financial regulations effectively by designating account budgets, rules, records, business locations, etc.
  • Get access to a comprehensive insight of company’s primary financial ratios and statements.
  • Get real-time updates related to your budget against the actual overheads at the fundamental levels of transaction.