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What Is BizNext?

  • BizNext is a business-management software which is a collection of various integrated applications to gather, store, manage and interpret knowledge from day to day activities/ operations within the organization or its exchange with external world.
  • BizNext tracks business resources like cash, Inventory, Fixed Asset. Monitor production capacity and manage status of business commitments: orders, purchase orders, and payroll.
  • BizNext shares knowledge across various departments (manufacturing, purchasing, sales, accounting, etc.) and brings transparency that helps in taking informed decisions.
  • BizNext facilitates data flow not only between all business functions but also manages two dimensional data flow with outside stakeholders.
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Our Solutions

Order Management and Workflow

Plan, Manage and Execute Purchase and Sale Order with simplified and powerful Integrated Order Management application and automate communication between all stakeholders. Workflow will ensure internal control maintained.

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Account Receivable and Payable

Define credit Policies and BizNext will ensure those are followed on every arrival and Dispatch. Setup notification, automate collection and manage all payment delays and disputes with integrated system with approval system.

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Sale and Distribution

Quote, Revise, convert to Sale Order, define payment terms, approve and get fulfilled with integrated application. BixNext connect fulfillment with Production or procurement and show real time status of sale team.

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Ecommerce Portal

Biznext E-commerce Portal help to start online store with-in few steps and connect with fulfillment and dispatch dept. It increase visibility of product and service ,engage more customer and grow business.It can be integrated with any exisitng application .

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Production and Material Planning

BizNext Production and MRP module is comprehensive system which covers production plan, capacity and raw material planning. It automate from planning to material in to Quality test. BizNext Process Ladder help to plan and excute orders.

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Financial Accounting

Get hold of financial health of an organisation with Biznext. It allows to budget, plan, monitor and forecast fund flow. System ensure all complianes are met, provide data points to management for quick and right decisions.

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