Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing Management defines end to end product manufacturing. The process starts with the layout of the product and the specifications of the material utilized. It is then followed by the production plan and material planning. With the help of manufacturing module, a company can streamline the production process by automating the information flow from various operations. This process initiates from the sales plan/budget covering up a number of operations such as availability of Inventory of material, Purchase of Material, Raw Material planning, machine planning and Human Resource (HR). BizNext Manufacturing Management incorporates utilization of manpower and machine for preparation of production plan, lead-time management of suppliers, management of back orders and Material Resource Planning (MRP).

Manufacturing Management Features

Configure Product Master

Manufacturing Module offers the solution to configure Product Master for defining various parameters of manufactured items. With BizNext MM, you can define Bill of Material (BOM) that offers comprehensive list of the items and its details. It also enables you to define BOM KIT which is a group of BOMs. The substitute material needed for the production at the time of emergency can also be defined here.

  • Get the ability to designate production formulae, process parameters or steps to produce your desired component in a systematic way.
  • Maintain BOMs and KITS to keep record of products and its related details.