Sales Management

Sales Management is the business disciple that focusses on the company’s sales operations. It is one of the most important business functions as it is profit center of any organization.

BizNext Sales Management is a comprehensive module that undertakes the aspects starting from business planning to analysis of variance between planned and actual sales. The strategies that are implemented by business units or sales organization differ based on the sales channels (distribution, retail and ecommerce) for their products or services. These strategies too have to follow policies depending on cost and discount. BizNext has been designed to cater all these needs. The module helps you create sales documents, configure them and to streamline the Sales Order Management through “Document Workflow”. These features are available on mobile platform too for convenience of sales team to place the order or process the request.

Sales Management Features

Simplified Sales Configuration

BizNext Sales Management has the capabilities to configure multiple documents, each having different settings like price list, item types, payment methods, edit rights to reviewer and approver, configuration of sales based on item, code or SKU. It also allows you to define items, groups, customer types etc. After configuration of each document, the module assists in managing the approval workflow of each document type.

  • Configure and monitor each order from order-to-sale process.
  • Track each document throughout the process.