Work Flow Management

Work flow management is designed to define the business processes, its set up, rights, control and regulation for the optimal efficiency and transparency. With BizNext Work flow Management, a user is able to regulate the flow of all kinds of documents related to purchase orders, sales orders, requisition and voucher posting etc. This comprehensive module has been simplified for the requirements of the customers to maintain systematic processes as well as to record their complete work flow. The module also tracks and monitors all types of transactions executed during the work flow process starting from document creation till its approval. Work flow management module also includes predefined functions that are configurable as per the business needs of the customer.

Work Flow Management Features

  • BizNext Workflow Management lets you manage and configure numerous documents for individual processes simultaneously.
  • This module lets you define multiple users as approvers, reviewers and creators.
  • Work flow rules can be configured at Company, Department and User level.
  • This module gives you the flexibility to create ‘conditional work flow’ to ensure that rules and compliances are implemented in an organization.
  • This module also offers audit trails for analyzing the problems and checking the security breach in a work flow. The solution ensures accountability as well as reconstruction of work flows without any loss of past transactions. It also gives process enforcement privileges so that rules and regulations are monitored and followed through the work flow process.